Cozy Up Your Winter with Homewares and Hibernation

Cozy Up Your Winter with Homewares and Hibernation

Oh my gosh, it's cold! If you're anything like me, the freezing temperatures outside have you avoiding the great outdoors like you'd avoid a mandatory team-building event. You know it will benefit you, but you don't want to do it. So, let's talk about how to survive the last bits of winter without turning into a human popsicle. 

1. Blankets, Blankets, Blankets!
I'm a firm believer that you can never have too many blankets. Seriously, if I could, I would cocoon myself in a blanket burrito until spring. Luckily, we've got the perfect solution – our snuggly blankets that won't break the bank. Priced at just £19.50, these beauties are made from recycled cotton, so you can stay warm and feel good about it too.



2. Set the Mood with Scented Candles

Ever notice how lighting a candle instantly makes a space feel warmer? It's like magic but with a better scent. Our selection of scented candles will not only add a cosy ambience to your living space but will also fill the air with delightful fragrances. Trust me; your nose will thank you for this winter pick-me-up.






3. Dress Your Walls in Local Art

Staying indoors means you're probably staring at your walls more than usual. Why not make them a feast for the eyes? Our handmade, unique prints are the perfect way to liven up any space. Whether you prefer them framed or au natural, these art pieces showcase the talent of local artist Heather Smith. It's like a gallery right in your living room.



4. Plan Your Year in Style

With all this indoor time, January is the perfect month to get organised. Why not spend some quality time planning your year ahead? Our yearly planners from @ebbandmoon are not only functional but also incredibly stylish. Start the year on the right foot, and who knows, maybe your plans will be so exciting that you forget about the winter blues.

Remember, winter won't last forever, but our homewares will keep you warm until the sun decides to show it's face again. Stay cosy, stay warm, and happy hibernating, Margate!