About Us

Scissortail is a coffee shop in Margate, Kent serving quality craft coffee with a smile and was founded by siblings Britton and Missy Logan and Missy’s partner Antony Shaw. 
Missy and Antony had an empty shop space they needed to rent out and they knew that Britton was thinking about opening a coffee truck in Tulsa, so, in a moment of inspiration, they decided to connect the dots.  A five-minute phone call to Oklahoma and the deal was done. A month later, Britton had washed up in Margate, and the three started work on what is now Scissortail Coffee. 
Our goal is to create a coffee shop that serves excellent espresso-based drinks with American customer service and an inclusive ethos. We want our customers to feel confident in ordering the coffee they’re into, whether that be a piccolo or an extra-large latte with a shot of vanilla syrup. 
Whatever you love to drink, we will do our very best to make it for you. No snobbery. No judgement. Just a damn fine cup of coffee.